LAURA-ANN... a prudish, idealistic young woman who has her notions of morality and proper upbringing challenged by the two devilish teenagers in her care.

Monica Himmelheber has been featured in film and television, including the lead role in Monarch of the Moon, and TLC Network's "Untold Stories from the ER". Monica's theatre credentials are impressive, having performed in New York/Off-Broadway as well as Regional and Stock theatre. She is also practiced in unarmed combat.


AMY... impulsive, sassy, and smart; On the surface, this punk-rock attired teen appears to be the leader of this two girl gang.

Yara McClay has had lead roles in the films Slaughterhouse Phi and Revenge of the B. Girls. She has also appeared on Fox's America's Most Wanted and performed in commercials, theatre, and musicals. Yara holds a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Communication-Film and Video.


LOUISE... may come off as wholesome, but is just as treacherous, for she has the gift of follow-through and ruthlessly finishes what she starts.

Elise Ivy has been featured in television (Untold Stories of the E.R.) and commercials, as well as independent film. She is very involved with Aerobics Instruction and Personal Training. Currently Elise is hosting and interviewing for Check out some of her work at ifilm.