Subject: Attitude Adjustment Book I
Attitude Adjustment Book I
The smartly dressed young woman placed her bulging
briefcase down on the sidewalk beside her and took a
moment to carefully survey her destination.  She stood at
the base of a long flight of very wide marble steps, and
looked at the broad front of the imposing three-story
building with her large brown eyes shining in wonder.
Built in a past age when things were intended to last a
very long time, the old stone building still appeared
very solid, as if it could last forever.  Yet she knew
that the handsome exterior was deceptive.  This was to be
the old school's last year.  The building was in fact
deteriorated in its foundation, and was due to be knocked
down next summer. Its replacement was even now being
build in another part of the city.
She had been a student here not so long ago, and her mind
was filled with warm memories of her time at the old high
school.  It was here that she had truly begun work on her
chosen profession, hard work that would finally be
consummated this very day.
"Hello, school," she said softly.  "I'm back."
Suddenly eager to begin, she picked up her overloaded
briefcase and swiftly went up the tall flight of steps,
her handsome nylon-clad legs flashing in the bright
morning sun under the tailored short, tight skirt.  She
noted as she had always done in the past how the marble
had become indented from the countless thousands of
students who had flowed over them through the years.  At
the top of the steps, she went through the large double
doors and headed unerringly left for the principal's
It was Miss Laura Ann Papadakis' first day, and she was
very excited.  She had been working towards this goal for
a long time, and today it was finally becoming a reality.
Today she was to be a teacher!
Ever since she could remember, it was all she ever wanted
to become.  It wasn't that both of her parents were
teachers, or that most of her aunts and uncles were
associated with education one way or another.  It was the
idea of reaching out to new minds that really grabbed
her, which was why she majored in primary education.  She
believed that 2nd grade was the key position to be in,
after the unruly 1st and before the sullen 3rd.
Which was why her first teaching assignment, to New
Berlin High School, did not really please her at first.
Education in high school was an entirely different matter
from working with the younger children.  She knew she
herself wouldn't be all that much older then some of her
own students, and she wondered how she would be able to
control them, let alone teach them anything.  It was only
the fact that the school was her old alma mater that made
it at all bearable.
At least the school board's area administrator, Mike
Johnson, the person who unexpectedly called her last week
with the news of a sudden opening, assured her that it
would be temporary position for just one year, then a
permanent replacement would be found.  Next year she
would finally be assigned to where she felt she really
belonged, at Berlitz Elementary School, unless of course
she decided to stay on at the high school instead.  Until
then, she would just have to make the best of it.
She entered the principal's office and was pleased to see
that nothing had changed.  The school's current
principal, Mr. Fairplay, had been there for ages.  Even
his old, faithful secretary, Mrs. Sullivan, was still at
her desk, as she had been for countless years.
Mrs. Sullivan eyed her warily as she entered the small
anteroom.  "Miss Papadakis!  Are we in trouble again?"
she said sternly.
Laura laughed.  She had been sent here once in her four
years for something that happened in the girl's gym, and
was delighted that the old woman still remembered.
"No, Mrs. Sullivan.  I'm here to see Mr. Playfair.  I'm
your new teacher!" she explained.
"I know, honey," the secretary said, smiling impishly.
"I was just teasing.  Go right on in, he's expecting
"Thank you."
"Oh, and Laura?"
"Yes, Mrs. Sullivan?"
"Congratulations, my dear," she said, holding out her
hand, which Laura gratefully took in her own.  "I think
you'll make a fine teacher.  I really do."
"Why, thank you, Mrs. Sullivan!  I'll certainly try to
"I know you will, honey.  Go on in now.  You have a busy
morning ahead of you."
"Yes, exciting, isn't it?"
In the gloomy old office, Mr. Playfair looked up from a
messy desk stacked high with papers and books.
"Ah, and you would be Miss Papperdooki, yes?"
"Laura Papadakis, yes," she patiently explained.  People
were always getting her name wrong.
"Please sit down, Miss Pap..., er, Laura.  We have much to
"Thank you."
"My manners!  I'm sorry, may I get you some coffee?"
"No, I'm fine, thank you."
"Good. Now, first of all, let me officially welcome you
to New Berlin.  I and my staff will do everything we can
to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible."
"Thank you, Mr. Playfair.  I'm really looking forward to
"Very good.  You are aware that you will be here for our
freshman class this year and that this is a temporary
"Yes, sir.  That's what the school board told me when
they called last Friday."
"I'm very sorry for the suddenness of the appointment.
We usually prefer to give our incoming teachers at least
a month to prepare for the upcoming school year.  The
last-minute, er, unavailability of Miss Jennings came as
something of a surprise.  She was a counselor at the
local Junior High, you see, and was quite popular with
both students and staff.  Her requested transfer here was
happily anticipated as a welcomed addition to the staff."
"I'm sorry, sir.  Did something happen to her?"
"I can't go into the details, I'm afraid.  The case is
still being investigated, and the police and school board
both have insisted that the details be kept quiet."
"My God!"
"Yes.  Quite a lovely woman, too.  Such a loss.  She
cared deeply for her students, which is something we
don't always see enough of these days."
Mr. Fairplay shook his shoulders and briskly rubbed his
hands together.
"Anyway, back to business!"
The principal picked up a tall, untidy pile of documents
and binders from the corner of his desk and handed them
to Laura.
"Here is your homeroom assignment and daily
schedule, grade book, binder for your lesson plans, the
school's Student and Teacher Code of Conduct handbook,
the student assignment lists for your various classes,
and finally --and probably most important -- your list of
collateral duties.  Mrs. Sullivan has your English text
books and course guides waiting for you in her office.
Now, any questions for me?"
Laura looked in a daze at the vast stack of paperwork now
on her lap.  She wasn't even sure what she would be
teaching, or where her room was.  She looked up at the
kindly old man with the slightly confused eyes and
realized sadly that whatever questions she had would not
be answered here.  She had heard that it was to be the
principal's last year, too.
"Why, no, Mr. Playfair.  No questions."  Laura rose from
the chair, struggling under the weight of the briefcase
in her left hand and the large stack of paperwork held
desperately in her right arm.
"Splendid," he said as he escorted her to the door.
"Please remember to drop in anytime.  My door is always
open, Miss Papo...Papa..., Laura!"
"Thank you, Mr. Playfair.  I'll remember."
Mr. Playfair opened the door for her, then called to his
secretary.  "Mrs. Sullivan!  Please take care of our
latest addition to the teaching staff.  I'll be in my
office if needed."
The door closed and Laura found herself alone with Mrs.
Sullivan once again.
"The old fool," the secretary said fondly.  "A proud
educator for over 30 years, and he picks this one to go
senile.  Your room will be 125, and your first class is a
study hall, so you will have time to get a little
organized anyway."
"Thank you, Mrs. Sullivan!  Mr. Playfair said something
about textbooks?"
"I had one of the janitors take them to your room.  There
were only 100 of them, the old fool.  Laura, don't worry.
Everything is waiting for you in your room."
Laura gazed warmly at the wrinkled old face with the
twinkling blue eyes.  "Thank you so very much, Mrs.
Sullivan.  I can't tell you how grateful I am.  For
"Certainly, my dear.  It's what I'm here for.  That, and
keeping that old fool out of trouble for one more year.
Now, get along with you.  You only have 45 minutes until
First Bell to get your room ready."
As Laura staggered under her heavy load through the
office doorway, she suddenly gasped.
Her back straightened and she jerked to a stop.  She looked
incredulously behind her, but the office door had already
closed and she was alone in the hall.
"Must have been my imagination," she muttered.  She shook
her head and continued walking through the long, wide
Still, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was
wrong.  It was the oddest sensation.  When she was
leaving the office, Laura could have sworn that kindly,
old Mrs. Sullivan had casually slid a hand down the back
of her short dress, and had moved it deliberately over
her buttocks, as she was walking out the door!
It took her 30 minutes of hard work, but everything had
been put away and her room was finally ready.  Her new
desk was a pleasant surprise.  It was so new that the
keys to the locks were still taped in the top drawer.
The only thing she didn't like about it was the lack of a
modesty panel.  She could see that it was suppose to have
one, but she couldn't find it anywhere.  It was really a
only a minor annoyance.  She would just have to be
careful about how she sat, that's all.
Her briefcase, sitting on the floor beside the desk, was
now empty.  Her name, the room number, and today's date
were on the black board behind her.  Laura felt ready to
She sat at her desk in the empty room, and went over her
list of collateral duties once again.  She was to be: a
freshman homeroom administrator, a study hall monitor
twice a day, the Advisor to the Astronomy Club (she had
taken one course in college, and that by accident), the
Advisor to the Theater Club (she had been in two high
school plays as a member of the chorus), and the
Auditorium Event Coordinator!  Laura gloomily wondered if
she would actually have time to teach this year.
Her actual academic courses seemed easy enough:
Introduction to American Literature (fortunately she
loved to read), and English 101 (another good one,
because she had spent a lifetime honing her writing
skills in the hope of becoming a professional writer
someday), and finally something called Human Relations-F.
It was the last course on her list which had her slightly
worried.  She had never heard of it before and, in the
rush of her last-minute appointment, she never had the
chance to research the course at all.  All she really
knew about it was the title, Human Relations-F (whatever
that meant), and the fact that it was a freshman girls-
only course, and that it was an elective, which
supposedly meant that no one was required to take the
course.  Yet according to the class roster, the students
had already been assigned.
At least it wasn't Sex Education!  It was one of the
reasons she went into primary education in the first
place, to avoid being required to have anything to do
with it.  Thankfully, she checked the school's assignment
list and that course was already covered by other
teachers.  Her unknown class wasn't scheduled until
Friday, which she hoped would allow sufficient time to
properly prepare for it, provided of course she could
ever find out from someone just what the damned course
was all about, and what the requirements were.
She glanced at her watch and was startled to notice that
it was already 7:55.  According to her attendance list,
she had over 30 students assigned to her room, yet of
them there was not a sign.  Laura could hear plenty of
students laughing and banging lockers in the hall
outside, yet none were coming into the room.  Her room!
Starting to panic, she wondered briefly if she could be
in the wrong place.
Finally, at 7:59 they came noisily storming in through
the two doors and, by the time First Bell rung at 8:00,
they had more or less seated themselves.
She sighed, relieved.  "Wouldn't that have been a great
way to start," she said dryly.  "Being in the wrong
Laura stood and was immediately buffeted by appreciative
whistles and comments throughout the class.  She walked
from behind her desk to the front of the room and the
noise grew louder.
"Haven't these idiots ever seen a  real woman before?"
she wondered as she stood frowning in front of the class,
waiting for silence.
She glanced down to make sure she wasn't showing anything
and was shocked to realize that the hem on her dress was
far too short for a position of responsibility in
"Oops!" she thought.  "Not in college anymore!  I had better
get something a little  more suitable, just as soon as I can
afford it.  Don't want to start a riot my first year teaching."
Although she didn't show it to the class, Laura was
really amused by this continued wild response at her
appearance.  Although she had always considered herself
"all right" in the looks department, the freshmen were
doing wonderful things for her ego.  Seized by an
irresistible impulse, Laura held her arms out from her
sides and slowly turned her body in a complete circle.
When she faced the class again, she asked mischievously,
The response was deafening!
The demure Laura had always enjoyed a little teasing and
flirting, only now and then of course.  It was the reason
her skirts were so short, and why the rest of her clothes
were just a little tighter then they should have been.
Coupled with her reputation as a "good girl", which was
true enough, she knew the effect she had could be quite
devastating on the unwary male.  Faced with a strict old-
world home that regarded a daughter's dating as only a
single step above prostitution, she sometimes felt the
need for some kind of release.  It always made her feel
so deliciously naughty, and without really having to do
anything, either.  In high school she had become quite
adept at it.  Watching the flushed faces of the boys, and
even on some of her teachers, and knowing that she alone
had caused it always gave her a little secret thrill.  In
college, between going to school full time and working an
eight-hour shift, she justified it because she was still
living at home (where a single girl living away from home
was a prostitute, no question), and it was really all she
had time for anyway in her busy, lonely life.
She had resolved after graduation to stop such activity.
Despite being great fun, she recognized that it was in
fact a foolish and childish thing to do, and it was time
to leave it behind her.  Besides, the thought of such
activity ever getting back to her school board caused her
a great deal of anxiety.  She would be finished as a
teacher, here or anywhere.
But, now!  Just standing there and not doing anything,
Laura was feeling flush from just the reaction she knew
she was causing!  In the excitement of her first day, she
was well aware she had to be careful not to become
carried away by her constantly suppressed emotions.  She
was finally doing what she had always dreamed about,
being a teacher, and she was feeling light-headed from
the excitement of finally being in front of her first
class!  She knew that teaching was really serious work,
and that this was a meaningful profession, and not just a
game for the frivolous.  Yet, Laura let the demonstration
for her continue.  Even now, at this most important time
in her life, a secret part of her thoroughly enjoyed to
be in absolute control of a situation like this.
Suddenly afraid that the noise might interfere with the
classes in the surrounding rooms, Laura held up her hands
and said forcefully,
"All right!  All right!  Enough already!  Let's calm down now!"
Under her breath, she said, "Especially me!"
After introducing herself, she swiftly got the class
organized.  Attendance was taken, the seating chart was
passed around so the students could fill in their names,
and the student schedule was posted on the bulletin
board, so everyone would know what was expected of them.
In fifteen minutes they had completed all that was
required and Laura was satisfied at the results.
She allowed the students to quietly amuse themselves for
the remainder of the period while she went to work on the
lesson-plans for her upcoming English 101 course.
It was after about 20 minutes that she felt she was being
seriously stared at.  It wasn't the first time she had
been aware of staring eyes, yet in the middle of a class
of students supposedly working it just wasn't right.
She looked around the room over her lesson-plan binder
but all her male students were busy with their
assignments.  She went back to working in the binder,
then felt it again.  Laura quickly looked up, but the
only one who was not working on anything was a slim,
blonde girl with sleepy eyes.  It was she who was looking
at her so intently.  Laura wondered why.  Just sizing up
the new teacher, probably.
Still, it disturbed her a little.  She checked her now
filled-in seating chart and found the seat.  In a neat,
feminine hand was written 'Missy Manchester.'  A small
heart was drawn below the name.
"Missy?" Laura said to herself.  "No, that can't be
right.  They wouldn't dare to that to a kid."
She checked her official assignment sheet and soon found
what she was looking for, 'Melissa Manchester.'
"Missy it is."
She wondered briefly about the heart but decided that,
with 14-year-old girls, it would be difficult to find
something they had written that didn't have a heart drawn
somewhere nearby.
"She's a pretty little thing," Laura decided as she went
back to her lesson-plans.  As she worked she continued to
consider the slim, golden blonde with the well-scrubbed
appearance.  "She makes you think of church socials and
Sunday school, when of course she isn't at the beach
working on that serious California tan of hers."
Laura was suddenly startled to realize that someone was
right beside her, on her left.  Students who wanted
something usually would stand on the other side of the
desk, not come around to where the teacher was sitting.
She turned and was surprised to find the girl Missy
herself standing there.
Laura was embarrassed to find the very person she had
been thinking about was now right next to her.
"Ah, er, yes, um, Missy?  What can I do for you?"
She looked up and found herself staring under those
sleepy lids into the most expressive set of large blue
eyes she had ever seen.  They were practically hypnotic.
Surprised by her reaction to this mere slip of a girl,
Laura finally was able to force herself speak.
"Yes, Missy?  What do you want?"
The girl frowned, then bent over slightly and placed her
well-formed right forefinger on her spot on the seating
chart, her arm brushing the tip of Laura's left breast in
the process.
The arm pressing against her sensitive breast confused
Laura for a moment.  She wanted to jerk away, but that
might draw the attention of the other students, which was
the last thing she wanted right now.
She forced herself to clear her mind and focus on the
problem at hand.  It took her only a moment after that to
understand what had happened.
"Oh, I see.  You heard me say your name, didn't you?"
The now smiling girl nodded, her hand still pointing on
the chart, her arm still pressing and now slightly
rubbing against the firm breast.
"Okay.  No, I didn't want you for anything.  I was just
going over the seating chart and must have read your name
aloud by accident.  I'm sorry."
The smiling girl returned her hand to her side, shrugged
her shoulders good-naturedly, and went back to her seat.
It was only after the bell had rung announcing the end of
the period that Laura realized Missy had not spoken a
single word.  Intrigued, she resolved to see the girl's
counselor about her as soon as possible.
It was lunch time, and Laura had finally had a few
moments to herself.  It was time to find out the official
story behind Missy's strange behavior, so she made her
way to the administration offices.
Laura looked at the sign on the pebbled-glass window,
"The Counselor Is In!"  She entered the cheerful, well-
lighted office and saw the New Berlin freshman girl's
counselor seated at her desk, reading a student's file.
"Hi, I'm Laura Papadakis."
"Marion Stratton.  Welcome to New Berlin."
"Thank you."
"Would you care to sit down?"
"Yes, thank you."
"Now, what can I do for you?"
"What can you tell me about a freshman named Melissa
"Funny you should mention her.  I was just looking over
her file.  It makes for interesting reading.
"May I see it?"
"No. I'm sorry, you can't.  Her mother insists that
Melissa's file be kept confidential.  A lot of it is
private information submitted by her doctors."
"Doctors?  Oh, my.  What did she do?"
"She didn't do anything.  It's just that things seem to
happen around her, and there was some concern about what
affects they might have on her natural development."
"Well, what can you tell me?"
"She was raised by her mother, a deaf-mute.  Her father
died under mysterious circumstances when she was very
young.  And then this summer there was this Jennings
"Jennings?  Not the junior high counselor who was to
transfer here this year?"
"Yes, Susan Jennings.  She was Melissa's counselor, you
see, and there was a great worry if what happened...had any
affect on her, or on any other of Susan's students."
Laura was strongly aware that Marion had just suppressed
a sob in the quiet room.  She saw with concern the
woman's eyes fill with tears before the counselor turned
her chair away in embarrassment and faced towards the
"Susan is...was a good friend of mine."
"Oh, I'm so sorry."
"We were student teachers together here in our pre-
counselor days."
"Can you tell me what happened to her?  I've been asking
around but no one will tell me anything!  I'm her
replacement and I was just wondering if there is any
chance of her teaching here during the school year?"
"Afraid of losing your job?" Marion said bitterly.
Laura wanted to walk out.
"Jesus!" she thought.  "What a bitch!"  But, she
reasoned, the woman was obviously distressed and
decided to stay.  For the moment, anyway.
"Actually," Laura said patiently, "I gave up a perfectly
good job as an executive secretary to come here and
teach.  It has been my life's only ambition, to be a good
teacher.  Now, is that all right with you?"
"I'm sorry!" said the gasping, sobbing counselor, in full
cry now, bent over in her chair with her face in her
"It's just that...what happened was unexplainable!
She was such a beautiful person!  If you knew her at all,
and I knew Sue...very well, you would know that she
would never have...!  Not ever!  I mean, I tried but she
wouldn't...she just wouldn't!"
"Good God!" thought the puzzled Laura.  "What in hell is
she talking about?"
She gave the distressed counselor one last look, then got
up out of her chair and left the room, quietly closing
the door behind her.
It was the end of the day.  The Last Bell had sounded 20
minutes ago, and her last students had been gone for some
time, yet Laura still sat at her desk.  Her as yet
unfinished lesson plans for the week were spread out
before her on the crowded desk, yet she did not touch
them, had forgotten all about them in fact.
Missy!  All she could think about was Missy, the poor
child.  Fortunately, the girl was in all of her classes,
so she had ample opportunity to observe her closely.  Yet
her actions were always the same.  In each class she sat
silent and aloft from the other noisy students.  She
never participated in the normal horseplay of freshman.
In fact Laura couldn't remember seeing her talk to
anyone, or seeing anyone talk to her for that matter.
Her other students seemed to give Melissa plenty of room,
as if they were uneasy to be close to her.  Yet the girl,
while never participating in class, never slept either.
Laura found the girl's eyes on her constantly, following
her every move.  She found her steady, piercing gaze to
be oddly disturbing sometimes, as if she were being
studied for some dark purpose.
Laura suddenly laughed.  "What a day!" she said to the
empty room.  She did get some weird thoughts sometimes.
She tried to clear her head and get back to her lesson-
plans, but her mind soon wandered back to the bizarre
events of the day.
It was obvious to Laura that Jennings had had some sort
of mental breakdown, and that poor Missy had somehow
gotten caught in the middle of it all.  It was also
obvious to her that New Berlin's own girls' counselor was
headed for a breakdown of her own!  The woman had without
question at least at one time had strong feelings of
friendship for Jennings, and her breakdown had affected
her deeply.
"That makes sense," Laura muttered, as she began working
on her plans.
And what about Missy?  A fatherless child raised by a
deaf-mute, how would that have affected her natural
development?  It would be a silent world, yet that
didn't necessarily imply a loveless one.  There were
other ways of communicating, after all.  Laura still
marveled at how expressive the girl's eyes had been.
"But what about the girl herself?" Laura asked.  Was she
in fact handicapped (oops, physically challenged) herself
as well, or was she just reflecting the environment in
which she had been raised?  Laura found herself
fascinated by the question of Melissa's home life and she
wished she could find a way to visit there, officially of
course.  To go there otherwise would surely raise the
issue of favoritism over her other students.  Even the
rules about undue fraternization between a teacher and
her student might be raised, although in visiting one of
her female students that certainly wouldn't be a problem.
Laura jumped when she felt something touch the back of
her neck under her thick main of long black hair.  She
whirled around in her chair, and found herself staring
once again into the terribly expressive blue eyes of
Missy Manchester!
Her features immediately softened as she recognized who
was standing behind her.
"Why, Missy!  You startled me."
The smiling Missy said nothing as her hand now began to
softly message the strong muscles on the back of Laura's
"Missy, you shouldn't really be doing that," Laura said,
embarrassed.  She then turned back to her desk, unable to
stare into those expressive eyes any longer.  What was
she trying to tell me, she wondered.  What was this
particular silent message about?
At a loss of what to do, Laura went back to work, talking
about school while Missy's slender hand continued to work
the back of her neck.  When she started to feel flush
from the constant touch, Laura decided that it was
probably a good time to leave.  She hurriedly placed all
of her materials in her brief case and stood, feeling
relieved when the hand had finally been removed.
She turned back to her strange student and wondered if
this would be a good time to ask to see her home.  No,
better not she decided.  It's only the first day after
all, and she had a lot of catching up to do tonight.
"Good-bye, Missy.  I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow."
The freshman eagerly nodded and waved her right hand a
cheerful good-bye.
"Oh, and thanks," Laura said, as she touched the back of
her still tingling neck.  "That felt, er, nice."
Missy gently smiled.
After school from then on, when Laura was working alone
at her desk, she would soon feel the familiar touch on
the back of her neck, and know that her silent student
was with her once again.  Laura was getting quite used to
the girl's continued presence after school, and was even
starting to look forward to it.  She knew that it
probably wasn't right to allow Missy to do this to her,
but she realized that, in a silent world, touch would
become a very important method of reaching out to other
people.  Besides, the girl's light fingers did wonders to
relieve the growing tensions of the day.  There were
times when Laura almost felt like purring under the
girl's strong fingers, she was so effective.
She was becoming very conscious of Missy's presence
during the day as well, although thankfully on a much
more professional level.  It all of her classes, it was
only Missy who would truly respond to what Laura was
saying.  She was almost the perfect student, always
listening, always focused, yet always silent.
When Laura reviewed the results of her first English 101
class writing assignment that week, she was astonished at
how well the girl could express herself.  Melissa was
head and shoulders above any of her other students.
While most would just scribble anything using grammar
that was absolutely painful to read, Missy would write
with clarity and passion.  Laura began to realize that
behind those sleepy eyes and long blonde hair was a very
sharp mind.
When the Astronomy Club meet after school on Wednesday,
Laura was not surprised to find Missy there as a newly
joined member.  When Laura asked the group for a
volunteer to be Club Secretary, only Missy raised her
hand.  Somehow, Laura was not surprised.
During lunch on Thursday, at the meeting of the Theater
Group, Laura was astonished to find Melissa there as
well, this time as a stage-hand volunteer.
As part of her duties as Auditorium Event Coordinator,
Laura was responsible for making sure the auditorium's
stage was ready for whatever was scheduled.  When she
went down to review her staff of student-helpers Thursday
afternoon, Laura once again noticed the familiar gently
smiling face of her silent student.
"Oh, my!" she thought.  "This girl is spreading herself
way too thin."  Laura resolved to have a talk with her
about it at their next after-school session.
It was 4 o'clock on Friday, and Laura sat fuming at her
desk.  Today had been a total disaster.  She had just
found out that morning that the special materials
required for her Human Relations-F class (which she still
did not have the faintest idea of what it was all about)
scheduled for that afternoon had failed to arrive!  Also,
due to a minor clerical error, she wasn't notified of a
time change in the schedule and had spent a lonely hour
in the designated room with just Missy for company.
There was a Pep Rally scheduled that afternoon for
tonight's football game, the first of the season, and, in
spite of her careful preparations, nothing had worked.
The curtains jammed, the microphones failed, and it was
generally chaos all the way through.
The principal came to see her behind stage afterward,
where Laura, near tears, was sitting on a stool at the
stage manager's station.
"Miss Papadakis," he said kindly, "we need to get better
at this."
"Shit!" she said bitterly as she watched him walk away.
"Now the old fool gets my name right."
Laura sat there, despondent, as the auditorium slowly
cleared of noisy students.  Several of the teachers came
up to her, to offer her their cheerful condolences, and
even a few invitations to go out for a drink, but she was
too depressed to respond.  Finally she was quite alone in
the semi-dark of back-stage and noticed through her tears a familiar figure coming
toward her out of the darkness.
"Hello, Missy," Laura said quietly.  "I think I'd better
be getting home, now.  This wasn't a very good day for
But she still did not move until Missy took her by the
hands and led her in the shadows to an old dilapidated
couch tucked against a side wall.  They sat close
together on the right side of the couch, with Laura
against the large stuffed arm rest, heedless in her
despair of how high her short skirt rose on her well-
formed thighs.
"Oh God!" Laura cried.  She suddenly threw herself
sobbing onto the armrest, resting her head on her crossed
She felt the familiar, sweet hands at her neck.  For a
change the hands did not stay at her neck, but worked
their soothing way over her shoulders and down her curved
back.  Soon Laura could feel Missy tugging at the
material of her wool dress as if impatient that the
material was blocking her hands from the warm flesh
underneath.  Laura stiffened when she felt the zipper of
her dress being pulled slowly down her back, but decided
in her absolute misery that she didn't really care for
the moment what happened to her.  When Missy's comforting
hands found their awkward way under her opened dress and
onto the warm flesh of her back, Laura was still a little
She was going to say something, but the effect of the
hands on her tense muscles made her stop.  Laura could
tell Missy was still having a difficult time working
under the tight material, so she was not overly surprised
when the girl pulled her hands out from underneath
Laura's dress, moved her back so that she was sitting
upright, and pulled the clinging dress from her
Still sobbing, Laura allowed Missy to pull her opened
dress from her shoulders and the long sleeves down off of
her arms.  The student then softly pushed the crying
teacher back over the arm rest, her dress now bunched
around her waist.
The effect of Missy's hands, now able to work freely all
over her bare back while carefully avoiding Laura's bra,
was wonderful.  Under Missy's soothing administrations,
Laura soon found she was able to regain control of her
overwrought emotions and stop crying.  Yet, she was
reluctant to end what wonderful things Missy was doing,
so she decided for the moment anyway not to sit up and
fix her dress.
She felt a tingling on her upper thighs and turned her
head so she could look over her right arm.  She first saw
how high her skirt had become.  It was practically up to
her hips!  She knew she should pull it down again (the
tight wool was always rising on her) but she just didn't
feel like bothering with it.  Then she noticed Missy's
right hand moving back and forth over her right nylon-
covered thigh, just below her skirt.
Wonder why she has her hand there?  Probably for leverage,
thought Laura as she felt Missy's left hand still doing
wonderful things to her back.  Laura was enjoying the
massage when she felt it stop.  Suddenly, she felt her
bra strap being strongly pulled first in one direction
and then another.  Laura realized that it was in the way
of whatever Missy was trying to do for her.
Finally, tired of the pulling, Laura mumbled,
"Just unfasten it, honey.  It's all right."
Her bra strap was quickly unfastened and her
marvelous back rub was resumed.
As the delicious rubbing continued over her bare back,
Laura knew she was about to fall asleep.
It was such a comfort being here like this, she thought,
still feeling terribly bruised from a very bad day.  But she
knew she should get up before she ended up spending the
 night there in the auditorium.
A steel bucket crashed on the other side of the stage,
followed by a male voice doing some muffled cursing.
Laura jerked up and instinctively covered her chest with
her arms.
"My God!  What's that?"
More muffled cursing as the bucket crashed again,
answering her question.
"I've got to get out of here!" she exclaimed, still
feeling the mind-numbing effects of Missy's sophomoric
Laura fumbled helplessly with the long sleeves of her
dress, but was now so nervous she couldn't get them
untangled enough to slip her arms through them.  Finally,
after ripping one sleeve slightly in her haste, she got
her arms in them and was at last able to cover her chest
with the pulled-up dress.  But with her arms holding up
the dress in front, Laura was unable to reach around and
fasten her bra or pull up her zipper.
Frantic with the thought that the custodian was getting
steadily closer and would soon find her on the couch half
dressed, Laura turned to face Missy.
"You have to help me get dressed, Missy.  Do you
understand?"  Gratified with her rapid nod, Laura pleaded
quietly, "Then hurry and fasten me up!  Please!  He's
She turned her back and waited for her zipper to rise.
Instead, she felt her bra cups pulled up from her breasts
from behind.
"Oh, no, Missy!" Laura exclaimed as she turned toward
her smiling student once again.
"You must help get me dressed, not undressed!"
Missy quickly pulled up the zipper, so fast in fact that
Laura didn't have time to fix her loosened bra.  The cups
were still uncomfortably bunched above her now
unencumbered breasts.
Laura was about to reach back when a custodian loomed out
of the darkness in front of them.
"Why, bless me, it's Miss Papadakis.  And little Missy
Manchester, too.  What on earth are you two ladies still
doing here?"
Laura leaned forward to answer him when she suddenly
stiffened in surprise.  She had felt her zipper just run
down her back once again.
She could only notice helplessly as she felt Missy's hand
slide down her bare back to her waist, then slip inside
her pantyhose until it came to rest at the elastic
waistband of her bikini panties.  The girl began to pull
on the back of the panties until they had disappeared
into the narrow crevice of Laura's pert behind, while the
crotch band dug deeply into her soft cuntal flesh.
"What could Missy be thinking of?" she wondered perplexed
as she fought to maintain her composure in front of the
old custodian.
Laura tried not to squirm as Missy twisted and pulled the thin
material of her panties so that they dug further and further
into her very sensitive, secret places.  She knew she should
be furious at what Missy was doing to her, but strangely
enough, the fact of being semi-undressed like this in front of
the old man made her feel strangely stimulated.  It was an
oddly familiar feeling too, but she just couldn't place
it as she talked with the custodian, holding up the front
of her dress while trying to make it seem just a casual
gesture.  Finally it came to her.  It was the same
feelings of secret delight she used to get in her serious
teasing days!
"Oh, no!" she thought.  That was the last thing she
needed right now, getting sexually excited in the middle
of school!
Thankfully Missy closed her zipper once again, and Laura
felt able at last to stand.  Taking her leave of the
custodian, she left with her arms folded over her chest
as she walked as slowly as she could out of the
auditorium.  She had to find a ladies' room, and fast, so
she could fix her underwear before anyone else could see
her like this.  Then she would fix Missy!
Fortunately, across from the auditorium there were a pair
of rest rooms, and Laura crossed the deserted hallway and
quickly ducked in the girls' lavatory.  First making sure
the room was empty, she went into a stall and closed and
locked the door.  She unzipped her dress and pulled it
off her shoulders and arms.  With her dress once again
around her waist, she started to fix her bra, but a
sudden urgent tingling from her vulva made her decide to
fix her panties first.  She tugged the dress off of her
hips and carefully hung it up on the stall door.  She
bent over in the narrow stall and hurriedly yanked down
her panty hose, tearing them on a screw head protruding
from the stall wall behind her in the process.
"Oh, damn!" Laura cried as she felt the delicate material
catch and rip.  As she was bent over once again and
grimly inspecting her ripped underwear, her bra slipped
of her shoulders and arms to fall on the floor of the
stall.  Disgusted, Laura sat on the closed commode and
took off her low-heeled pumps and ruined pantyhose.
Standing, she slipped back into her shoes and began to
carefully pull out her panties first from her terribly
tingling vulva, and finally from between her buttocks.
Sighing with relief, she looked with dismay at the damp
crotch band and took the panties off.  She stood naked in
the stall, desperately waving her panties about in the
air as she tried to dry them.  Finally satisfied with the
result, she put on her panties, then stepped into her
dress and pulled it up to her hips.  Ready for her bra at
last, Laura looked for it but couldn't find it anywhere.
Under the stall door, Laura suddenly noticed Missy's bell
bottoms and running shoes.
"Missy?" she called softly through the door.  "Is that you,
honey?  Have you seen bra?"
Not receiving a response, she zipped up her dress and
winced as her sensitive nipples came into contact with
the rough wool.  She opened the door a crack and peered
out.  Laura was shocked to see Missy now by the lavatory
entrance with a familiar white object in her left hand.
"You little scamp!  Bring that back this instant!"
Missy smiled and instantly ran out of the room.
"So, she wants to play games, does she?" Laura said
Laura, her torn pantyhose forgotten on the floor, dashed
out of the stall in laughing pursuit of the mischievous
Missy, her arms folded under her breasts to minimize
their movement under her dress.  She exited the lavatory
entrance, and in the hall outside almost ran down Mr.
"Oh!  I bet your pardon, Mr. Playfair!" gasped a panting
Laura as she used her hands to keep the old man from
falling over.
"That's quite all right, Miss Papadakis.  Quite all
right.  I see that you have perked up since our little
"Yes, sir," she answered as she wondered what the senile
old fool was rambling on about this time.  Perked up?
What on earth was he talking about?
"That's good.  Can't let these little setbacks hold us
down, you know."
Behind Mr. Playfair, Laura saw Missy appear briefly from
around the hall corner.  The teenager gaily waved Laura's
bra over her head, then disappeared back around the
"You are absolutely right, Mr. Playfair.  We can't let
little, er, setbacks keep us down."
She knew she should really stay and talk with this man
who was after all her employer, but she was becoming
increasingly anxious to complete some unfinished
"I'm sorry sir, but I've got an important conference with
a student scheduled and I really must be going."
"On your way then, Miss Papadakis.  Oh, and please stay
perky will you.  It suits you."
Laura laughed.  "Yes, sir.  I'll try."
She was still smiling as she walked swiftly through the
halls in search of the elusive Missy.  She stopped
smiling when she saw her reflection in one of the hall
"Oh my God!" she gasped in horror.  Her erect nipples
were clearly visible through the clinging wool.  Laura
turned beet red in embarrassment.  The fact that she
wasn't wearing a bra would be plainly obvious to anyone
who even glanced at her!
"Damn the girl!" Laura muttered.  She was truly angry
now.  Because of Missy's little prank, Laura had
humiliated herself in front of her own principal.
"Game time is over!" she said, grimly.  She vowed to find
the girl if she had to go to her home to do it.  In fact,
Laura decided, that was exactly what she would do.  She
would get Missy's address from the office on some pretext
or other and meet the teenage girl there.  Laura couldn't
wait to see the look on her face when Laura meet her at
the door, and sternly demanded the return of her bra.
Oh, no.  Laura couldn't wait for that moment at all!
Laura sat impatiently in her subcompact in front of the
Manchester home.  The house was a modest ranch, the type
popular 20 years ago.  There was a large well-kept lawn
in front while in back she could tell there was even a
pool.  She had been here for five minutes now and there
was still no sign on Missy.  The home was located only a
20-minute walk from the school and she was sure that
Missy would surly have been here by now, if not long
Her anger had cooled somewhat and she was starting to
wonder if this was a good idea.  Perhaps it might be
better if she just talked with Missy on Monday, instead
of confronting her in her own home like this.  It was
going to be a long year and....
"Shit!" Laura said, when she suddenly spotted a white bra
being waved from a side window.   She couldn't believe
it.  Missy was actually taunting her with her own
"That does it!" cried a furious Laura, and she leaped
from the car, slamming the door closed.  She stormed up
the long front walk, her hands small white fists at her
sides.  In her sudden rage she practically ran up the
walk, heedless of how her unfettered breasts, clearly
visible under the clinging material, shook and shimmied
under her dress, while her very erect nipples created
unwanted sparks in her brain from their constant rubbing
on the wool.
Stopping at the front door, the flushed Laura paused to
get something of her composure back.  She looked down at
her heaving chest and saw that her nipples were more
extended than ever.
"Damn," she muttered.  "Maybe this isn't such a good idea
after all."
Before she could turn to leave, the door unexpectedly
opened.  A beautiful, well-tanned woman stood there,
wearing nothing but a brief bikini.  Her sun-burnished
blonde hair, cascading down her back, and trim figure
immediately proclaimed her to be Mrs. Manchester, for it
was only a slightly older version of Missy who stood
"Oh, God!" Laura thought.  "I hadn't expected to run into
Missy's mother now.  I'm not ready for her at all!  I
don't even know her first name."
The woman did nothing but stand in the doorway, looking
quizzically at Laura.
"Shit, I almost forgot!" Laura thought.  "Of course she's
not going to say anything.  She's a deaf-mute!"
"Mrs. Manchester?  I'm Laura Papadakis, Melissa's teacher
at New Berlin, and I was wondering if I might have a
moment of your time.  It's about Melissa.  She's done
something that we need to talk about."
The unsmiling woman stared at her a moment, then opened
the door much wider and beckoned Laura to enter with a
slight turn of her head.
Inside the foyer, Laura was suddenly stopped by Mrs.
Manchester holding up her right palm.  The woman pointed
to a small sign hanging on the wall: "Remove shoes here."
"Oh.  Of course," Laura said and stepped out of her
pumps.  The thick white carpet felt good on her bare feet
as she followed her hostess into the long if somewhat
narrow living room.  There was a large picture window,
now covered, on the right, and the inevitable sofa with
two matching chairs and coffee table on the left.  Laura
felt immediately at home.  She had been partly raised in
a place very much like this one.  All it needed were
plastic furniture covers and a plate of the Acropolis on
the wall and it would be complete.
The woman indicated the sofa, and Laura sat, being
careful to keep her short wool skirt pulled down her bare
legs as far as possible.  She realized that she was
hardly dressed for such an occasion and it bothered her.
This was not how you showed up for your very first
parent-teacher conference, she knew, and she wished
suddenly that she was somewhere else.
Mrs. Manchester went to one of the two chairs and pulled
from a concealed side pocket a small cordless keyboard.
Laura saw her push a button on the keyboard and a flat
screen rose out of the center of the coffee table before
"So, that's how she does it," Laura thought in
admiration.  "Clever woman."
Mrs. Manchester began typing and words appeared on the
"No thank you.  I'm fine, really.  And please, call me
"Well, Missy, that is Melissa, who is otherwise a fine
student and a lovely girl...."
"Well, she has taken something that doesn't belong to
her, and I would like to get it back if I could."
"No.  Actually, it was something of mine."
"I'd rather not say.  It's kind of personal, you know."
"I'm sorry," Laura said as she stood up.  "Maybe this
isn't the best time for this.  I'll come back later."
"No, really.  It's no trouble.  I'll just come back
another day."
Laura froze.
"Oh God!" she thought.  What if the school
board found out how she lost her bra?  How could she ever
explain it and not lose her teaching certificate?
Defeated, she sank back into the couch.
"She took bra!"
"Today.  This afternoon in fact."
"Oh, God," Laura whispered.  She sat erect, and
mover her shoulders back as far as she could.  She could
feel her proud breasts trying to poke their way through
the wool.
Laura moved her hands to just above her head.
She extended her hands as far as her arms could reach,
and shamefully realized that her breasts were truly on
display now.  A twinge of guilt mingled with her feelings
of humiliation.  She had done this herself in a public
library not so long ago, and had caused a male librarian
to drop the stack of books he was carrying.
After a studied moment, more words appeared on the
Laura lowered her arms.  She was stunned.  All that
just to prove she was not wearing a bra?  Who did this
woman think she was, anyway?
"Er, how what?"
"I didn't lose it.  Missy has it.  I was changing in the
girl's lavatory, and that's when she took it."
"Not a thief exactly.  We were just playing a game,
that's all."
"Missy started it!" Laura whined.
Laura realized that this wasn't going at all well and
wondered if there was a way she could gracefully get the
hell out of here without offended the obviously touchy
Mrs. Manchester any further.
The woman typed something on her keyboard, but Laura saw
that nothing appeared on her screen.  Soon Missy, also
wearing a brief bikini, entered the room carrying a large
bundle of what looked like bras.  She placed them on the
table in front the astonished Laura, then perched on the
armrest next to her.
"A collection of bras?" asked the still astonished Laura.
As she looked through the pile, she was surprised to find
that several had a name with sometimes a date printed
neatly across the back strap.  She found several with
names that matched those of students she knew.  She even
found one intriguingly labeled 'S. Jennings'.  But in the
vast pile of which at least a third were white, she could
not find one that she could be positive was in fact hers.
Her mother was right, mused Laura.  She really should
start labeling her underwear.
"I don't know.  There are so many."
"Oh, I couldn't possibly!"
"Afraid of what, for God's sake?"
"I am not wrong!  Okay, Okay.  I'll try some on.  Where's the
"No way.  I'm sorry, but I just couldn't."
"Damn!" Laura muttered, looking down.  "It just keeps
getting worse."
"I said all right, I'll...I'll do it!  I'll do it!"
Laura stood defiantly, determined to show this strange
woman that she was not afraid of her.  Looking at her
adversary directly in the eyes, she pulled down the
zipper on her dress with a trembling hand and shook her
arms out of the long sleeves.  At the last minute though,
she discovered that she could not do it after all.
She picked up a bra at random from the pile with her right
hand while holding the loose front of her dress over her
chest with her left.  This was so ridiculous!  The bra
wasn't even the right color, for God's sake!  Yet, Mrs.
Manchester was obviously determined that she do this.
She turned her back to Mrs. Manchester and prepared to
quickly slip on the strange bra.
An odd bleeping sound made her turn back around.  A red
light was flashing on upper left corner of her monitor.
She hastily read the flashing text now showing there.
Laura deliberately turned to face the angry Mrs.
Manchester and said distinctly, "I'm...I'm sorry.  Please
forgive me.  Although I didn't mean to do it, you are
right.  I was being rude to you."
She prepared to drop her chest's only protection right
then and there (why not, they were both mature women
after all) when she noticed Missy sitting on the floor
next to her mother.
"Oh my God!" she whispered.  She had forgotten completely
about Missy being there.
"Mrs. Manchester, as Missy's teacher I must insist that
she leave the room.  I simply can not try on...underclothes
with her in the room.  It just wouldn't be right."
Laura suddenly heard the sound of a computer modem being
connected to a phone line.
"NO!" she shouted.
More calmly she said, "Wait, please give me a moment and I'll
(gulp!)...I'll do it."
Her eyes filled with tears as Laura, head hung in shame,
tried to accept the idea of undressing in front of her
best student, a 14-year-old girl.
"Oh God, oh God, oh God!" she whispered, but there was
no hope of  deliverance, divine or otherwise, from her fate.
Unable to prolong the wait any more, Laura dropped the
opened top of her dress and let it fall to her waist.  A
gasp of appreciation came from the two watchers as Laura
just stood there, unable to move.  She could not even
pick up the bra she had just dropped on the table from
her nerveless fingers.
They were the first kind words, even if she knew them to
be extremely inappropriate, Laura had read since coming
here.  She raised her head and smiled a little in
acknowledgment at the unusual compliment before dropping
it again.  It was the first time in her life that she had
ever been embarrassed about her bust size.  Always proud
of her perfect chest, her 36C breasts suddenly seemed
enormous, protruding far out into the room.  At the
moment, Laura strongly wished she was a petite 33!
She picked up the gaily colored bra she had just dropped,
but her hands were trembling so much she could hardly
hold it, let alone put it on.  She stood helpless, the
bra in her hands visibly shaking like a leaf in the wind.
She willed her uncontrollable hands to hold still but
they would not comply.  She raised her head to face Mrs.
Manchester and, with a hopeless expression, slightly
shook her head.  There was no way on this earth she would
be able to do this in front of them.
The young teacher could do nothing but watch in horror as
her student walked up to her, then circled behind her.
Laura jumped when she felt Missy's hands slide around the
sensitive flesh of her rib cage and take the bra from her
useless hands.
She felt a firm hand on her upper back, pushing her
forward.  Since the low table was directly in front of
her, the only way she could move was to lean forward.
The hand on her back stopped pressing only when Laura
found herself completely bent over, with her breasts
hanging freely beneath her and her hands supporting her
weight on the well-polished table's surface.
Laura, still bent over, found herself being maneuvered by
Missy so that she was now parallel to the couch, but
still facing towards Missy's mother.
A faint moment of hope died as Laura felt her dress slide
briskly off her raised hips and land at her feet.  Her
protests died stillborn when in seconds her smart wool
dress was taken from her.  Laura wished she were dead as
she saw Missy leave the room with her dress slung
carelessly over her right shoulder.  She was left in this
terribly humiliating position in a student's living room,
wearing just her brief bikini panties.  She had never felt so
vulnerable or helpless in her life.
She had no idea what was going to happen to her next, and
she frantically wondered what these women were going to
do to her.
Laura felt the panic in her disappear when Missy returned
with her dress carefully placed on a hanger.  She almost
laughed at her own silliness.  Talk about conspiracy
theories!  What was she getting so worried about, anyway?
It wasn't as if she were in a room full of men, was it?
How could they take advantage of her?  What would a woman
want with another woman?  It was ridiculous!
She usually put on her bras this way herself, so why was
she getting so upset about it?  It was obvious to her now
that Mrs. Manchester didn't want her dress wrinkled while
she was trying on some bras, that's all.
It was still terribly embarrassing, of course, to be left
like this in front of a student and her mother.  It was
her own fault, really.  Laura wondered if she should
straighten herself up from this humiliating position, but
decided against it.  Better not chance irritating Mrs.
Manchester any more this afternoon.
If only she could try on the bras without anyone's help.
She reached over to the pile and selected another bra.
Grimly determined this time, she tried once again to slip
the harness over her shoulders, but again her hands
failed her.
When she saw Missy reach for it, Laura gratefully gave it
to her.
"I can't!" Laura wailed softly, as she looked down at the
table.  "I just can't!"
With Missy helping her, she tried on bra after bra.  Most she found were
painfully small, and obviously intended more for girls of
Missy's age.  Regardless of how they fitted, the routine
was always the same.  Once Missy had stuffed her proud
breasts into the usually too-small cups, she would pull
Laura erect, then lead her by the front of her panties
around the room, so the Mrs. Manchester could have a
proper look.
The first time Missy started tugging on the front of her brief
panties, Laura looked at her in open-mouth amazement,
stunned that she would do such a thing.
Then she looked down and observed in horror that Missy
had already pulled the front of the panties far enough
from her that Laura could see her own pubic hair.  She
immediately rushed the close the gap between her and the
girl, and made sure to closely follow the teenager
obediently around the room from then on.
She had been trying on bras for over twenty minutes, and
to Laura the pile sadly still looked enormous.  Laura's
breasts were sore and strangely tingling from Missy's
constant handling of them.  Her nipples kept getting
caught between Missy's slender fingers, causing her
helpless body to be inundated with alternate sensations
of pain and pleasure.  Her increasingly dazed mind could
hardly tell the difference any more.
All Laura really knew for sure was that she was becoming
incredibly aroused, and could only pray that her panties
wouldn't show the signs of her increasing wetness down
below.  Her back hurt and she was getting hungry too.
She had been due for dinner at her parent's house over a
hour ago.
The fire of her righteous indignation over the theft of
her bra had quickly turned to ashes long ago.  All Laura
wanted to do now was to get dressed, go home, and try and
explain to her probably anxious parents why she was so
late tonight.
"I...I may have been (Ooohh!) mistaken about Missy," Laura
told her hostess as Missy struggled to load her throbbing
breasts into yet another small bra.  Didn't this kid ever
have any friends with a normal-sized bust?
"No, I was mistaken.  Missy is a fine girl and an
excellent student.  She would never, ever do something
like that.  Not ever!"
"Yes.  I trust her absolutely."
Missy removed the ill-fitting bra, then left the room as
Laura straightened up.  She tried stretching to get the
kinks out of her back from being bent over so much, but
she was not very successful.  She did not bother to cover
her shaking breasts in the slightest.  She was sure that
any show of modesty at this point would just make her
semi-nudity seem even worse that it already was, which
was bad enough.  Laura wondered briefly if her poor,
tingling breasts would ever be the same again.
"I really must be going," Laura pleaded, but she saw that
Mrs. Manchester wasn't even looking at her.  She was
busily signing to Missy, probably about tonight's dining
"Shit!" she muttered.  "My parents are going to kill me."
Laura happened to turn her head and look behind her.  She
saw her dress hanging in the foyer.  At once the twin
thoughts of her parents and seeing her dress hanging
alone in this strange house proved too much for her
Blindingly conscious now of her nudity, her arms crossed
over her chest as she cringed and looked desperately
around the area of the couch for something with which to
cover herself.
Laura had had enough.  She had made a mistake in coming
here, and had certainly paid the price.  She picked up
one of the seat cushions and held it in front of her.
"I'm leaving," she sobbed, eyes filled with tears.
She tried heading for the foyer backwards, to keep her
covered front always towards Mrs. Manchester, but she
stumbled over the coffee table behind her.  Laura fell
back, losing her protective cushion as her arms flailed
the air desperately as she tried to keep her balance.
"OOF!" gasped the winded Laura as her back hit the thick
carpet with a solid thud.
Mrs. Manchester was quickly at her side with a small
pillow for her head and the dazed Laura was grateful to
her for it.  She lay there gasping like a fish out of
water as she struggled to get her breath back.  She felt
her hostess run her hands up and down the sides of her
nude torso, carefully feeling from chest to rib cage to
stomach to her pantied hips and back again.  Probable
looking for broken bones, Laura thought worriedly.  Had
she hit the ground that hard?
Laura tried not to twitch when the woman would touch a
particularly ticklish spot as she completed her rather
through inspection.  She must have had some medical
training, Laura thought.
Mrs. Manchester finally sat quietly beside her on the
floor and smiled at her.  A very relieved Laura knew then
that she was all right.
She mouthed,
"Thank you," to her caring hostess.
Now Laura felt guilty about the way she had just tried to
leave.  Like she had been a prisoner or something.  My
God!  How foolish can you get?
She tilted her head back and looked longingly at her
dress, still waiting for her in the foyer.
"Damn," she said quietly.  "Damn."
She looked back at her hostess, who was still watching
her expectantly.  "Okay, dinner," she said.
Helped by the kind Mrs. Manchester, Laura got shakily to
her feet.  She looked back at her dress, and had a
thought.  Who had said anything about a Naked Lunch,
She started walking toward her dress when she felt a
sharp tug on her hips.  She turned and saw that her
hostess was now holding the waistband to her panties.
"Oh, no!  Not again!" she thought in despair.
The thought of being led around by her underwear again
was too much for her.  Covering her breasts with her
arms, she took a deep breath and told her hostess,
"Don't bother.  I'm coming," and walked off firmly in what
she hoped was the direction of the kitchen.
In the kitchen, after a brief rest and clean-up stop in
the guest bathroom, Laura found herself being guided to a
round glass-top table circled by padded iron chairs.  On
the table she saw that three small, portable laptop
computers had been set up at each of the place settings.
Probably for her benefit, she thought.  The cooking area
was separated from the dining area by a short counter
that extended half-way across the width of the room.  A
sliding glass door provided a view of a large, round
object in the darkness beyond.
Laura stopped when she saw the uncovered glass door.
"Oh, my!" she exclaimed, after she turned to her host.
"I can't do this.  Someone will see me!"
Mrs. Manchester did an elaborate shrug and went to the
closest lap top.
"Oh, sorry."
"Well, yes, but..."
As Laura sat at the table and watched the two women work
in the kitchen, she was astonished at how well they
worked together, the total rapport they had with each
other.  Thinking of her own life, she and her mother
could never have functioned as smoothly as this well-
oiled machine she was witnessing.  Clash of the Titans,
was usually more like it in her house.
She could see that, her first impression to the contrary,
the seemingly hard Mrs. Manchester was really a soft-
hearted person, at least where her daughter was
concerned. They were actually having fun as they prepared
their modest meal!  The two had a true affection for the
other, and it was a marvel to see it in action.
Laura, sitting alone at the table in just her panties,
was beginning to feel left out.  She looked carefully
about her, to understand more fully these fascinating
people she was with.  Despite the outer trappings of
affluence, this was actually a modestly run home.  There
was not a great deal of money here, and what little there
was had been very carefully put to use.  It was the home
of a family that did not have a lot, if any, money for
frivolous spending, yet functioned very well anyway.
Glasses of wine were placed at two of the settings, hers
and her hostess'.  At Missy's place there was a large
iced tea.  It was yet another reminder to Laura that her
student, for all her talent, ability, and sometimes
startling maturity, was only 14, a child really.  The
theft of her bra was the act of a fun-loving child, and
she should have treated it as such.  She would know better
how to handle it the next time Missy tried something
outrageous with her.
Finally, the Manchester family joined her at the table,
their arms laden with salads, hot dogs and buns.  The
glass table top did nothing to hide her, and Laura was
acutely aware of how her every move was completely
visible.  Laura was so nervous she wondered if she could
possible eat anything at all, but the smell of the
toasted, buttered buns quickly reminded her that she was
absolutely ravenous, and she decided that eating wasn't
going to be a problem after all.
Always careful to keep at least one arm over her breasts,
she tried to eat with only one hand, but quickly found it
was almost impossible to do so.  Soon the mellow effects
of the good companionship and the wine were felt and she
gradually left her breasts exposed for longer and longer
periods.  Finally she covered them not at all.
Laura had never eaten topless before and was surprised at
just how often her breasts kept getting in the way.  She
almost jumped out of her chair when Missy handed her a
frosted glass of iced tea to relieve the strong taste of
the wine, and had accidentally pressed it up against
Laura's left nipple.
Laura was delighted at how mother and daughter interacted
silently at the table.  They did speed-typing and word
games, each always trying to outdo the other, silently
laughing in victory or crying in defeat.  There were also
a constant flow of jokes and stories appearing on the
screen in front of her.  It was a very animated
She saw that they had created their own private world,
and had allowed Laura, an outsider, a look into it.  She
felt honored, and not a little guilty over her outlandish
behavior earlier.  What could she have been thinking of,
she wondered in amazement.
When dinner was over, Laura prepared to say her thanks
and apologies.  She wondered how she could get Missy
alone without being too obvious about it.  She had
wronged this girl and knew from the shy, hurt looks she
had been getting from her that she must make amends with
her, and soon.  Laura wished she could at least be
dressed first before talking with her.  She still felt so
incredibly vulnerable, running around half-naked like
The wine must have been something much stronger then she
had been used to, because Laura's head was spinning
slightly as she tried to decipher this outlandish
Laura was dumbfounded!  Not all of them in a Jacuzzi
together?  That would mean she would be here for at least
another hour.  Besides, she didn't even have a bathing
suit with her, and she certainly wasn't going outside or
in the water dressed like this.  The woman couldn't
possibly be serious!  And what was that about the dishes?
Did she want her to help?  She couldn't have meant that
she was suppose to do everything (not that there was all
that much) herself? She had to mean something else.
"What?  I don't understand," she asked, feeling very
Laura's good humor suddenly disappeared.  She was in fact
incensed.  Who did this woman think she was, anyway?
After all she had been through today, to suddenly be told
she, a guest, had to do house work was really too much.
Laura jumped up, her breasts trembling with anger, and
started to point an indignant finger at her hostess when
she stopped.
"Oh!" she gasped in surprise.  A severe, yet delicious pressing
sensation had unexpectedly come from her crotch and Laura
was momentarily overwhelmed.
She looked down and saw with wide-open eyes that the
crotch band of her panties had turned into a g-string
which was getting narrower even as she watched, the
material being sucked up by her soft labia.
Missy!  It had to be Missy again, pulling on her panties
from behind!
"No problem," Laura squeaked as she nodded her head
violently in agreement so that Missy behind her would
know too.  The exciting pressure ceased slightly and
Laura sighed in relief.  At least she wasn't pulling on
them anymore!  But now the dazed Laura couldn't decide
what to do next.  Her pubic area was terribly exposed on
either side of the indented crotch band, yet if she tried
to walk away she would be showing her buttocks, now
totally uncovered thanks to Missy.
If she fixed them, it would only draw attention to her
condition, which still might not be noticed.  It was an
intolerable situation to be in, especially after
everything she had been through today already.
Trying to think through the strong wine and the warm
sensations coming from her crotch, Laura finally came up
with a plan.  She would go around the table, pick up all
of the dishes, and hold them to her hips.  Thus loaded,
and smiling all the while, she would carefully back her
way into the kitchen, making very sure there was nothing
behind her.  Once behind the counter, she could fix her
panties with her hostess never having to know just how
playful her daughter could be.
Laura was delighted when her plan worked perfectly, but
her heart sank when she noticed that Mrs. Manchester had
followed her carrying the glasses to the other side of
the kitchen!
"Oh, damn," she muttered.  Didn't anything she tried
ever work?
Knowing she was trapped, Laura reluctantly went over to
the sink and started doing her chores for the evening.
Laura stood at the sink, the material of her panties
still cutting deliciously deep into her secret flesh.
Her every move only increased the wonderful sensations
coming from her crotch.  Laura was becoming desperate.
She had to relieve the pressure soon or she felt she
would climax right there in the kitchen!
Missy had come over and stood beside her, and Laura felt
the girl's hurt.  But the feelings from her crotch were
becoming overwhelming and she could barely finish washing
the dishes, let alone do any kind of effective student-
teacher counseling.  In her highly charged emotional
state, all she desperately wanted to do was beg the
girl's forgiveness, then run to the nearest bathroom and
masturbate like crazy.
"Missy!" she hissed, at the end of her endurance.  "Don't
let your mother see you, but you must fix panties.
Please, Missy!  They're driving me crazy!"
With relief, Laura felt the teenager reach around take
hold of her torturing underwear in front and in back.
She almost dropped the plate she was drying when she felt
Missy start to saw the material back and forth over her
"No, Missy! Please, no!" she gasped quietly, but the
delightful stimulation of her overheated cunt continued.
Laura set the plate she was holding down with the others
next to the sink.  Thankfully it was the last one.  She
held onto the sides of the stainless steel sink and tried
to desperately fight the sensations Missy was unknowingly
producing in her.
Suddenly, the sensations stopped!  Dazed and very
confused, Laura saw Missy heading for the glass door
leading to the back of the house.  "Missy!" she cried to
the departing teenager, but whether from anger or
disappointment or despair she had no idea.  She glanced
down and saw that her now soaked underwear was perfectly
in place.
She stood still, and leaned against the counter as she
bit her lower lip in her extreme frustration.
When Mrs. Manchester put an arm around her waist and
led her away from the sink, she went numbly, with no idea
where she was being taken.  The pressing of her tight
panties against her sensitive skin, the slight movements
of her naked breasts, even the rubbing of her smooth
inner thighs all served to accent the incredible state of
arousal she was undergoing at this time.
She had never felt this way before and it took all her
self-control not to joyfully finish what Missy had so
inadvertently started within her.  Sweat was dripping
down her face and body, and her pulse felt like it was
absolutely racing!
Laura had no idea what she wanted, what she needed, but a
terrible pressure was building inside of her to an
intolerable level, and it demanded a release!
Under Mrs. Manchester's guidance, Laura soon found
herself standing on a small platform outside of the
house.  The platform was perched on a tall, wooden wall
which surrounded large tub filled with very inviting
water which bubbled and steamed.
Her panties were pulled down her hips from behind and
fell limply to her feet.  The feel of the cool night air
on her heated flesh was wonderful.
Laura stood with her panties around her ankles and felt
somewhat refreshed by the cool autumn air.  On an
impulse, she gave in to a lifelong fantasy.  Holding her
arms out from her sides for balance, she carefully
balanced on her left foot as she picked up her panties
with the toes of her right.
After raising her right knee, she paused a moment, then
swiftly executed an elegant snap-kick, which sent her
panties sailing far out into the surrounding darkness.
She stood regally after that, spine erect and shoulders
back, completely bathed in the soft lighting which
illuminated the Jacuzzi.  She felt incredibly sexy, as
she stood naked and proud in the outside night air.
Laura could only smile when her panties, carried back by
the wind, dropped into the center of the tub, where they
lay limply until finally sinking in the watery tumult.
For an instant in time she had been The Ruler of the
Night, and that had been enough for her.
She went down the steps and into the inviting water, as
she wondered what other clothes might be found under the
water.  She watched as Missy, looking like a beautiful
young blonde Venus, arose naked from the water and
advanced towards her.
Laura almost fainted when the hot water first splashed
against her unprotected pussy.
"Ah!" she gasped.
She stopped and had to get her breath back before continuing
further into the tub.  It was then that she noticed Missy
was waiting in front of her with her right hand held out,
obviously waiting to take her somewhere.
Missy took her by the hand and led her to the far wall of
the large tub, where she indicated that she should sit.
Laura first briefly slid down into the water until she
was completely covered, then returned to sit against the
wall.  She was surprised to find that seats had been
etched into the underwater bench which followed the
circling wall.  She sat where Missy indicated, and
immediately succumbed to the sensuous feel of the hot,
softly churning water.  She brushed the running water
from her face and hair, and for the first time that
evening started to feel reasonably sane.
The hot water in the bubbling Jacuzzi felt wonderful.
When she noticed Missy staring with fascination at
her erect nipples, the embarrassed Laura sat deeper in
the tub until her bobbing breasts were completely covered.
She saw a nude Mrs. Manchester enter the water and
thought nothing of it as the woman sat next to her.  It
was her tub after all, and it wasn't as if she and Missy
weren't already naked.
The still dazed Laura sat contentedly with her eyes
closed, just enjoying the sensuous feel of the water as
it flowed over her skin.  She noticed that the water was
becoming more and more tumultuous and wondered why.
Suddenly, her eyes flew open as a soft pulsating stream
of water was felt directly on her vulnerable cunt.
She tried to rise away from it, but stopped when she
realized that she would again end up exposing her adult
breasts to the close scrutiny of the ever-curious 14-
year-old girl seated on her left, not to mention the
girl's mother who was also right beside her on her right.
Well, the water certainly did not hurt in any way, it was
just  disconcerting to her to have this happen,
especially with the Manchesters right next to her.
The pulses gradually increased in force and speed and
Laura become very worried.  The water was causing her
some serious problems.  It was, in fact, driving her
directly into an unwanted climax.  Stunned, Laura tried
moving off her  seat, but Missy had accidentally
placed a naked leg over hers under the water and she
couldn't move from the spot now without first having to
tell her why.
"Impossible!  Impossible!" she groaned.
Already affected by the sensuously-flowing water over her
naked body, the pulse pounding against her sex soon
became all-consuming.  In her already excited state, the
intolerable pressure crying for release quickly built
back up within her again.
"Please, turn it off!  You must turn it off!  It's's hitting me!"  Laura desperately pleaded as
she squirmed as much as she could, to escape the
relentless unwanted but fantastic none-the-less
But the pulsing water continued to act  directly on her
vulnerable sex.
Unable to hold back any longer, Laura cried,
"AAAAHhhhhhh!" as the orgasm consumed her.
She arched her back under the strain, raising her body
out of the swirling water for a moment.
When the worst of it had passed, Laura returned to her
seat, only to find to herself directly in line with the
pulsing water once again.  Much more quickly this time,
she helplessly climaxed again under the water!
As she felt the onset of darkness in her stunned mind,
Laura was dimly thankful that Missy and her mother would
never know what had just happened to her.  Her last
confused memory was that of the Manchester family
inexplicably suckling contentedly at her breasts.
Still in the tub, Laura groggily awoke to find Missy
looking at her sadly with her slender arms around her
neck.  Still under the effects of her two unexpected
climaxes, Laura felt wonderful.  She knew that soon the
guilt would start, about how she had just humiliated
herself, and in front of a student and her parent yet.
Oh, yes, she knew she would be in for a long weekend,
filled with self-loathing and disgust.  For the moment,
however, her body was still in charge and she was content
to lay back and just enjoy the hot water as it swirled
luxuriously over her nude form.
Laura suddenly sat up.  "How long was I asleep?" she
asked.  Missy held up two fingers.
"Oh, God!  Two hours!  My parents are going to kill me,"
she exclaimed.
Missy indicated dialing a phone and pointed towards the
"Yes, thank you.  I'll call in a minute, after I wake up
a little first."
With her head finally clearing, she could feel how
sensuous Missy's skin was as it rubbed against her own
bare flesh under the hot water, and yet to push the girl
away from her now would have been unthinkable.
"Oh, Missy.  What am I going to do with you?" Laura asked
her student ruefully.  Laura's heart broke as Missy
continued to look at her with those terribly hurt eyes.
She looked around the hot tub for Missy's mother, but
they were alone.  It was as good a time as any for what
she had to do.  Laura knew that cheerfully admitting
mistakes was not her strong suit, but in this case her
coming here had truly been the bad move of all times.
The thought that she might lose her best student forever
because of it bothered her terribly.
"Look, I'm very sorry for coming here, to your home, like
this.  I did not really want to get you into trouble with
your mother, a person who obviously cares for you very
much.  I know that you are basically a good girl and a
good student, but you are very young yet and there are
many things you still need to learn.  I will never do
this again to you. you, and I know that I would
miss the...relationship we had started this week.  I would
like to help you when I can, and, if you could still help
me at school from time to time, I would be very
Laura thought about what she had just said.  It didn't
come out at all like she had intended.  It was almost as
if she were pleading for Missy to continue her back rubs,
instead of continuing to be a good student with her.
It was this damn hot tub!  Too sensual a place to conduct
business.  It had gotten her thinking of all the wrong
Laura looked into the now happy face and was satisfied
that she must have said the correct thing after all.  The
radiant Missy looked like someone who had just been given
her favorite birthday present.  Of course the girl must
have realized what she had really been talking about,
Laura reasoned to herself.  Why else would she be that
For the moment, Laura was just relieved that whatever
damaged she might have caused between them tonight had
just been minimized.  Missy pressed herself tightly
against her in the water, and Laura naturally returned
the hug.  It was such a good feeling to have at least one
special student who really cared about you and what you
were trying to do for her.
It was when Laura felt the electric sensation of Missy's
erect nipples dueling against her own that she decided
that perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all.  She
indicated using the phone to the girl and they both got
up and left the tub.
Mrs. Manchester was waiting with towels for them on the
After Laura made her call and endured the expected five
minutes of Greek abuse as she made her apologies, she
finally was able to get dressed.  She asked, shyly, about
her panties.
At Mrs. Manchester's insistence, she left her wet panties
there for them to wash and dry for her.
The thought of Missy handing her a pair of panties Monday
morning in front of a classroom full of students made
Laura want to dive back in the Jacuzzi and hide.  My God!
What a disaster that would be!
"Oh, no.  That's too much of a bother.  I'll just come
over sometime next week on my way home and pick them up."
"Oh, yes.  Quite sure!"
In the week that followed, Laura haunted the teachers'
lounge as she tried to discreetly find out more about her
silent student, and also about the strange fate of Miss
Jennings.  The results of her investigations were
In all her other classes, (when the teachers could
remember who she was) Melissa proved to be an indifferent
student.  It was only in Laura's classes that she
excelled.  It was soon apparent to her that it would be
only her anticipated high grades to her most unusual
student which would allow the girl a grade-point-average
high enough to belong to Laura's sponsored
extracurricular activities, a fact which bothered Laura a
great deal.
Was she helping her or hurting her by giving her such
good grades?  Laura felt that the girl would certainly
earned them, especially when you compared her written
work with that of the miserable scrawls produced by her
contemporaries.  Still, it was only the second week in a
very long school year.  Perhaps Missy would be better than
was anticipated by her other teachers.  The girl was, as
Laura could well attest, full of surprises.
Since she couldn't go back to Marion Stratton, the girls'
counselor, Laura decided to ask the other teachers about
what had happened last summer to the popular Miss
Jennings, but with all her questions she could not
find out anything that she didn't already know.  In fact,
she discovered that if anyone knew anything at all about
Susan Jennings, they became very nervous and quickly
changed the subject.
Laura even checked the local newspaper's web site, but a
search of back issues revealed not a single story
concerning a counselor named Jennings.  How odd!
The only thing left to do was to start tracking down teachers
who had been at the Junior High last year.  That is, when she
had the time.
Laura found that her personal schedule had become very
full.  When she wasn't actually teaching, she was with
her other groups.  If not doing that, she was having
conferences  with students or other teachers.  She even
had to train her fledging auditorium helpers in how to
operate a stage properly.
Her only peaceful moments were late in the day, when the
building finally became quiet after the majority of
students and teachers had departed.  It was only then
that Missy would come to her.
After a few nervous and very lonely hours late that
Monday following her visit to the Manchester home, Laura
was relieved when Missy finally joined her once again in
her empty room.  It was by the familiar touch on the back
of her neck that the working teacher knew her favorite
student had returned to her.  Her class work had been
exemplary as usual, but Laura was keenly aware that,
unless Missy joined her after school again, she would
have lost something very precious indeed.
She quickly allowed Missy to resume their old after-
school routine.  She found that she had grown accustomed
to her student's after-school visits.  Laura was also
terribly worried that what had happened with Missy's
mother would drive a wedge between their burgeoning
student-teacher relationship, for Laura strongly felt
that she had much that she could teach the obviously
immature Missy.
The student would dutifully massage her teacher as Laura
worked, although Laura became surprised at how the
massages became much more intense than before.  On
Tuesday, it felt so good that Laura couldn't work any
more.  She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes,
and enjoyed the sensations coming from those marvelous
hands on her neck.
On Thursday after school she felt a familiar pressure
just below her neck, and Laura obediently leaned forward
in her chair until she found herself laying half-across
her desk.  She cradled her head in her arms and waited
expectantly for what was to come.  She felt her tucked-in
blouse being pulled from her skirt, then Missy's arms
snaking up her back.  When her bra opened she started to
protest, but was soon too lost in the wonderful
sensations to worry too much about anything, especially
something silly like a bra.
As Missy expertly worked her hands over her back, Laura
realized with concern that Missy was in fact becoming
more forward with her.
During the periods with their extra-curricular
organizations, Laura found Missy touching or pressing up
against her a great deal more than before, but always in
such a careful fashion so that no one else could be aware
of her doing it.  Yet, it was done in such a deliberate
and calculating way that Laura herself couldn't help but
notice, and even be affected by it.
When she was talking to her Astronomy Club, Laura was
sitting in a chair before the lounging group, with Missy
as Club Secretary the only person directly behind her.
In the middle of the meeting, she was surprised to feel
both of Missy's hands resting casually on her waist.  She
turned to see what the girl wanted, but Missy just looked
at her blankly.  Laura turned back around, but the hands
remained.  She was sure no one could see them, yet they
still made her feel uncomfortable somehow.  Missy kept
them there for the duration of the meeting.
With the Theater Club, she suddenly felt a hand on her
right knee under the table in the empty cafeteria where
they were all sitting.  Missy was the only person
directly next to her.  She crossed her legs, but there
wasn't much else she could do about it.  The hand wasn't
doing anything she could really complain about (thank
goodness), yet it was there and it bothered her.
Laura wanted to take the girl aside afterward but as
usual there was as always a crowd of students wanting to
talk with her and she had to postpone it.  As the day
wore on, she found her schedule was simply too busy to
take time out for something so trivial.
On Thursday morning, Laura found in her school mail box
in Administration a note from the Principal's Office,
says that her Human Relations-F course had been
temporarily been postponed until the arrival of the
required curriculum materials.  All her students (of
whom Missy was the only one she really had any contact
with) would be sent to a study hall.  Laura herself was
granted a rare "free period" during which she could do as
she pleased.
"What?" she exclaimed.  "Now this is too much!"
She stormed to the Principal's Office, grimly determined to
obtain the true story on this once and for all.  Laura
couldn't believe it.  What was it about this course
anyway that made it so difficult?  Was it cursed or
In the office she found Mrs. Sullivan, sitting on a small
bench, serenely darning a pair of antique male socks.
"Mrs. Sullivan?"
"Yes, Laura.  You were wondering about what happened to
your course."
"Well, yes, I was as a matter of fact.  What gives with
this class, anyway?  I can't get a straight answer from
anyone about it."
"You should have come to me first, dear.  I have all the
answers about what goes on here."
"Okay, then.  Would you please then tell me about what is
going on here?"
"Certainly, my dear.  Although please sit down first
beside me.  You look a little agitated this morning and
could probably use the rest."
Laura smiled for the first time, and sat next to the old
"So tell me," she said quietly.
"The Human Relations-F course was the brainchild of Susan
Jennings, the Junior High counselor.  It was an
experimental class for girls only that she had developed,
with the help of some of her students.  No one really
knows too much about it really.  Sue was the only one who
really knew what it was all about.  Her main reason for
coming here this year was in fact to teach this course
that she had developed."
"So you actually don't know what it is suppose to cover,
" 'The course is designed to explore the contemporary
social/economic relationships available to the
contemporary woman.'  That was a quote from her paper
requesting approval for the course from the school board.
It made a compelling case for it, and Susan herself
lobbied the board ceaselessly for its approval.  She even
had her first small batch of students picked out for it,
mainly ones she knew from before, when they were at her
old school.  The majority of the girls were said to be
exceptional beauties for some reason, cheerleaders, that
sort of person.  It's strange, though.  In thinking about
it now, Susan seemed almost driven about the course, as
if nothing else really mattered to her at all."
"So the course was approved and the materials ordered?"
"Yes, late this summer.  That's why they haven't arrived.
Oddly, Susan placed the order for them herself, instead
of letting our office do it.  So, we really don't know
what kind of text books and films are coming, we really
"Isn't that a little odd?"
"Not really.  Not if you knew Susan.  She was always into
the avant guard of education, but preferred to check
things out herself first before going mainstream with it.
She was always a careful girl, was our Susan."
"Do you know what happened to her?" Laura asked suddenly.
Mrs. Sullivan stopped her darning long enough to hold up
her right forefinger.
"I've told you all that I can.  Besides, don't you have a class
coming up?"
"Oh my gosh!  I'd forgotten about the time.  Thanks, Mrs.
"It's what I'm here for, my dear," she said kindly,
patting Laura on her right knee.
This week, Friday afternoon was to be devoted to the
school's second pep rally, and Laura vowed to conduct
this one like a military operation.  Everything by the
numbers!  She didn't spend half her life watching an
endless array of war movies while baby-sitting her little
brother for nothing.
All equipment was checked and rechecked.  They even held
two rehearsals.  Just to be sure that all went well,
Laura decided to conduct her battle from the high ground,
in this case the Light Control Booth located behind the
The guys called it The Bunker, the girls referred to it
as the New Berlin Mosh Pit (when Laura found an old
soiled mattress up there on her first visit there, she
understood why).  It was a small room which contained the
switchboards for all of the elaborate auditorium
lighting.  It also doubled as a projection booth for the
noon movie.  In the center, along the wall facing the
stage was a narrow rectangle filled with a sliding glass
window.  In front of it was an old-fashioned tilt-top
desk and a high stool.  From here (when she stood up on
the stool's top rung that is), Laura had a clear view of
the entire auditorium.  This was to be her command post.
In keeping with her battle motif, Laura decided that it
would be fun to dress appropriately.  After her room had
finally cleared of students just before the rally, she
pulled the 'Test In Progress' window shade on the door,
then locked it.
She quickly slipped out of her dress and shoes, then all
of her underwear.  She felt deliciously naughty, standing
nude in her classroom, as she opened the overnight case
she had brought in with her this morning.  Laura quickly
slipped on the special black satin bra-and-panty set she
had bought just for today.  Next, she squeezed herself
into a pair of black stretch pants she hadn't worn for
five years.  Finally, she put on a large, black roll-neck
sweater that came down to her upper thighs.
Looking in the vanity mirror attached to the inside of
her case, she combed out her black hair until it fell in
thick folds over her shoulders.
Looking at herself in the mirror, she was amazed.
"This should give them something to talk about," she
said quietly.  "Catwoman, ha!"
She went confidently to the door, unlocked it and went
out, only to return again muttering "Damn, damn, damn."
The cold marble floor of the hall outside had reminded
her that in her excitement she had forgotten to put on
her black socks and rubber-soled shoes.
With five minutes to go, Laura was getting worried.
George, the stagehand who was to be up in the booth with
her had so far failed to show and time was running out.
"Stage Manager, this is Control."
"This is Stage Manager.  Yes, Miss Papadakis?"
"Where is George?"
"Oh, I forgot to tell you.  There was an emergency
meeting of the Chess Club and he couldn't make it.
"THE CHESS CLUB??  What kind of emergency could they
possibly have?"
"I have no idea, Miss P.  But he was very sorry about
"Great.  That makes me feel a lot better.  Okay, okay.
Here's what we'll do.  Send Missy up here fast and you
take over the curtain."
"Oh, (sniff) work the curtain and be stage manager?"
"C'est la guerre, Jane.  You know, 'Improvise.  Adapt.
Overcome'.  Don't you ever watch any war movies?"
Before Laura head an answer she saw a flash of flying
blonde hair dart from stage left, go down the stairs to
the auditorium floor and out the side exit.  Laura
smiled.  Missy was on her way.
In the few minutes left, Laura decided to get
comfortable.  Standing just wasn't making it, but it was
the only way she could see.  By experimenting, she
discovered that by locking her heels against the stool
rung and leaning across the desk top, she could stick her
head out of the window.  It was still a little awkward,
but better than the alternative.
"Ah, much better.  Now this is what I call a view."
"What was that, Miss P?"
Oops!  She must remember that there was no way of turning
off these portable headset microphones short of
unplugging them.
"All stations ready?" she sang gaily.
"Light One ready."
"Light Two ready."
"Stage Manager ready."
Laura heard the metal door to the booth being dragged
open.  She turned and saw the welcome sight of Missy,
still wearing her communications headset, struggling to
close the heavy door.
"Main Control ready," Laura responded.  Finally.
She covered the mic with a hand.  "Missy!  Thank God
you're here!" she hissed.  "Do you have your cue sheet?"
The teenager waved Laura's carefully typed list of cues
and duties as she walked up to the desk.
"Good girl!  Now, get ready!" warned Laura, and Missy
dashed to the panel by the door and turned off the bright
ceiling fluorescent.  As Laura turned back to face the
auditorium again, she was glad when only the dim red
working lights over each of the switchboards and on the
desk were left on.  Now she would be able to see properly
when the auditorium was dark.  She heard Missy behind her
go to her first cue station.
She kept a careful eye on her watch, counting the
seconds.  She raised her right hand behind her, with a
single finger raised.  God, please let this work.
"Cue One!" she whispered into the microphone.
"Standby...execute!" She dropped her hand and heard the
satisfying "clack" of a heavy-duty electrical switch
being thrown.
The lights in the auditorium dimmed, then went out.
"Cue Two!"  Two fingers were raised, then dropped
precisely five seconds later when she said,
"Standby...execute!"  Miraculously, the footlights on the
stage came on!  "My God!" she breathed in wonder.  "It
She looked at her watch.  Shit!  She almost missed the
next one.
"Cue Three!" she said quickly, and held up three fingers
behind her.
"Standby...execute!" she said and, with a second "clack",
both spotlights came on.
One more to go!
"Cue Four!!" she shouted, and held up four fingers behind
"Not so loud, Miss P!" came a quiet protest over the
"Sorry," Laura whispered.  "Cue Four.  Standby...execute."
The stage curtain opened to revel the principal, the
football team, and the school's marching band.
Laura watched Mr. Playfair as he walked up the podium
placed on stage right, raise both his hands and shout,
"New Berlin!"
The crowded auditorium went wild, because for once they
all heard him.  Laura felt like cheering herself, but
instead she collapsed in relief on the desk.  The sound
system was working.  Now all she had to do was monitor
the proceedings until the next set of cues were due in 30
"Well done, team!" she murmured quietly.
Laura was enjoying the show, swaying her hips to the
music of the marching band when she felt the oddest
tingling between her legs.  She looked over her left
shoulder and saw Missy standing beside the stool, her
right hand curled high up around Laura's left inner
Laura shifted her feet to one side of the stool's rung,
then said,
"Honey, come up and watch with me."  She was
very glad when Missy left her leg alone and quickly
hurried up the desk to join her.  It was nice having her
there, as they lay side-by-side and looked out of the
narrow window.
It was very close up there on the desk, yet Laura did not
mind in the least.  She always preferred having Missy
close by her.  It kept the girl from getting into
mischief somewhere else.  She had no idea what her
student had been doing to her before, but her pussy was
still tingling because of it.  Or was it just the
excitement of her first successful pep rally?
Laura felt comforted by the close presence of her
favorite student.  She could even smell the heavenly
perfume the girl had sprayed into her golden hair.  She
felt Missy begin to run a hand over her lower back, but
her mind was so focused on the girl next to her she
hardly noticed at all.
In fact, Laura decided she was getting a little too
focused.  Shaking her head, Laura resolved she had better
stop daydreaming.  The rally still had 45 minutes to run,
so she must get back to her job and start watching the
stage again.
She watched the rally move its ponderous way along, but
her thoughts quickly went back to the girl so close
beside her.  As she looked at the stage Laura had a
marvelous idea.  Pygmalion!  She would be Professor
Higgins to Missy's Eliza Dolittle! She would take this
wild colt personally under her wing and turn her into a
responsible, educated young woman.  It was perfect!  Like
Eliza, speech would be the key.  Laura was sure Missy
could talk, she just didn't see the need, probably.  Oh,
if she could just find the key to Missy.
As she thought of different ways to help Missy, Laura
began to notice how warm it was, underneath her thick
sweater and tight pants.  The sweat was starting to form
under her hair.  She could also feel it trickling down
her torso.  Wonder why it got so warm all of a sudden?
Probable from her darling Missy being so close to her
like this.  What else could it be?
Soon Laura noticed how sensitive her behind had gotten.
Why, it felt like it was positively glowing.  She turned
to look over her left shoulder but stopped.  She was
nose-to-nose with her beautiful student and suddenly she
found it hard to breath.  Missy was impassively staring
at her in that disconcerting, direct way she had.  Laura
was close enough to see the colorful auditorium lights
reflected from beneath those half-closed eyes.
Laura watched as Missy leaned forward even closer, and
she wondered dazedly what Missy could possible want from
her now?  Missy turned her head slightly to the right and
suddenly Laura felt Missy's lips upon hers.  She
automatically closed her eyes as she felt strange,
wonderful sensations explode throughout her body.  Her
nipples immediately hardened as her pussy came alive,
almost as if it were being deliberately teased into
wakefulness.  In the lost world of the kiss, she could
feel herself spinning endlessly.
As she felt Missy's tongue try to worm its way between
her full lips, Laura could here an annoying buzzing in
her ear.  She was shocked into consciousness when she
realized that the buzzing was really words.  Someone was
trying to call her over the headset!
She hastily turned her head to clumsily break off the
kiss.  She turned back to stare wide-eyed at the teenager
laying beside her and blushed!  It was Missy's hand that
was between her legs, manipulating her cunt!  She
couldn't believe it!  And it hadn't stopped!  She could
still feel it holding and rubbing the sensitive, secret
flesh of her sex through the tight, stretch material and
the silk panties underneath.
It was wrong, terribly, terribly wrong.  She stared at Missy,
but as far as Missy was concerned nothing at all was
happening.  Yet Laura could feel the sensations driving her
out of her mind!
It felt so wonderful!  It had been a long time since she
had allowed anyone to touch her there.  The unexpected
climaxes she experienced last week were her first in
God's knows how long.  She knew she had to stop this, and
But the voice in her ear refused to go away!
Desperately, she turned toward the window, but she
couldn't see anything wrong outside in the auditorium.
While she bucked her hips to escape the hand between her
legs, she gasped,
"Miss P?  Miss P? Are you there?"
Oh, God!  It was her damn stage manager!
"Yes, Jane.  I'  What's the problem?"
"Thank goodness.  I almost sent one of the spotlights up
to check to make sure you two were all right."
"NO!  I mean, no, we are f-fine.  Look, Jane, what's the
"The car, Miss P!  The car for the football team's skit.
Missy was supposed to push it out on-stage with me, but
she's with you now!"
"I'll say she's with me," the silently struggling Laura
Along with the devastating hand working her
crotch, Missy had used her other hand to pull up the
heavy sweater and had unfasten Laura's bra.  With so much
happening, Laura was unable to think properly anymore.
She passively allowed Missy to pull her arms from her
sleeves and Laura soon discovered that she had lost
another bra to her 14-year-old student.
"Damn the girl!" Laura said, her mind in a complete daze
from what Missy was doing to her cunt.
"Miss P!  What did you say?"
"N-nothing," Laura gasped.  "Just calm down, for God's
sake!" she shouted, anything but calm as her over-
stimulated nerves screamed for release.
"But the car!!"
"Listen carefully," Laura whispered, using her last bit
of self control as her hips were undulating
uncontrollably over the desk behind her.
"Just find someone backstage to help you.  Try asking
one of those cheerleaders waiting back there.  My God,
they certainly look ripe, I mean healthy enough."
"Yes, Miss P.  Sorry I didn't think of that."
"It's...all right, Jane."
"Ah, are you all right, Miss P?  You sound a little
"Jane, take...take over the cues for a while.  I'm
Laura ripped the headset off her head, pulled the plug
out of the small radio pack attached to the waist of her
slacks, then finally managed to slide shut the glass
window over the viewport as the glorious feelings between
her legs threatened to consume her completely.
"Missy!" she cried.  "What...what are you doing to me?"
She wondered how her sweater had gotten bunched up around
her neck.  Her bare breasts were smashed against the desk
top, her sensitive nipples reacting wildly as they were
repeatedly dragged across the unfinished wood.
"Ooooh," she moaned, overcome by the unexpected torrent
of so many fantastic, forbidden sensations.  She felt
Missy pull down her stretch pants and panties from her
hips to bunch them at mid-thigh, but was helpless to do
anything about it.  All she could do was ride this
amazing whirlwind of pure sensations.
The feel of Missy's hand directly on her cunt drove Laura
mad!  No longer a rational being, she fought to fling
her legs as wide apart as her lowered clothes would allow
while she raised her hips.  She deliberately dragged her
naked breasts across the rough desk top, relishing the
sensations coming from her electrically charged nipples.
She never noticed when Missy started working her first
finger into the ready tight cuntal passage, or the third.
All she could think of, if it even was thought and not
some primordial impulse buried deep within her, was
Finally, her over-stimulated body could take it no
"AAAAaahhhhh!" she screamed as, in a series of
mind-shattering climaxes, Laura came!  Again and again
her body responded eagerly to Missy's continued
ministrations, until Laura, totally overcome, mercifully
The first thing that Laura sensed was a feeling of cold.
She reached for the covers on her bed, but couldn't find
them.  When she felt hard wood instead of her soft
mattress, Laura jumped into a groggy wakefulness.  She
found she was laying curled on her side, precariously
perched on the slanted desk top.  Her feet were resting
on a raised lip that ran along the lower edge of the top.
She discovered she was wearing only her sweater, bunched
around her neck, and her black socks and running shoes.
The rest of her clothes, along with Missy, were gone.
In the dim working lights of the control room, her bare
skin gleamed an unworldly red.
An unexpected breeze made her lift her tired head from
the deep window sill where it had been resting and look
behind her.  The door to the room was wide open.  She
wondered dully why she had left it that way, but couldn't
think of a reason.
Laura knew she had to get moving.  The rally was almost
over, and this was where the spotlights were stored when
not in use.  She should rejoin the comm link, if for no
other reason then to find out how it all went.  She
The enormity of what had happened in the room with Missy
was still too much for her.  She just couldn't believe
it!  Still in shock, she couldn't move, even to cover her
own nudity.  It just wasn't important at the moment.
Nothing was.
A sound by the door made her look up.  Missy, still in
her own headset, had entered the room and went swiftly to
a switchboard.  Laura wondered if she had forgotten
Missy appeared to listen to something over the set, then
turned a switch.  With a dull "clack" the house lights in
the auditorium came on.  A second clack turned off the
spot lights, and a final one turned off the stage's
footlights.  The rally was over.
She watched as Missy walked over to her, reached down to
the floor, and bring up Laura's headset, already
connected.  The teacher looked at the offered set in
horror.  The last thing she wanted was to touch something
this impassive girl had just held.
Reluctantly, she took it, then caused herself waves of
anguish by automatically saying, "Thank you."
She carefully sat up, her bare breasts moving slightly,
and put the headset on.  Her ears were immediately
assaulted by a noisy turmoil.
"Silence!" she shouted, and all was quiet.
"Miss P!  Miss P, is that you?"
Laura tried to put as much life into her dead voice as
she could.
"Yes, I'm here," she muttered as she pulled down her
sweater down as far as she could while sitting on the
It stopped at just above her waist.
"At least, I think I am."
"Mr. Playfair wants to see you in his office immediately
after the rally, Miss P.  He seemed kind of mad how you
were talking to us over the radio."
"That's just great," said Laura.
After looking around, Laura hadn't the faintest idea of how
to get down from where she was without breaking her neck.
"Are you all right, Miss P?"
"Yes," she laughed bitterly.  "I'm just peachy.  Listen,
everyone.  Put all the stuff away just like we planned.
I'll return my headset after I see the principal."
"Okay, Miss P."
"And good job, everyone!"
Laura turned off her radio, and quietly sat there.  She
was amazed at how screwed up things could get in such a
short time.
When Missy showed up with a step ladder, she could only
"It figures."
Laura turned and carefully backed her way down off of the
high desk, very aware of the view she must be presenting
the world and Missy with her bare hips and legs.
On the ground once again, she quickly pulled down her
sweater to the tops of her thighs.
Laura turned to face her student.
"Where are my clothes?  Missy, I asked you a question.
Now, where are they?"
She suddenly became very angry at this still impassive
girl.  How dare she think she can just use her and then
get away with it?  Laura held the teenager and started to
shake her violently.
"You bitch!" she screamed.  "Where are they?"
"I'd be a little more polite to me if I were you," Missy
calmly said.  "You just might need a friend right now."
"What?" Laura gasped.  "What did you say?"
"Be nice."
"Missy.  You can talk!"
"Of course I can talk.  You teachers!"
"Oh, Missy," Laura said sadly, her anger forgotten as she
looked at the teenager.  "How could you?"
Laura felt the girl's hands go around her waist and pull
her against tight against her.  Missy put her face close
and Laura trembled as she wondered what was going to
happen next.  Missy's mouth closed over hers and Laura's
mind went blank.
The teenager continued to kiss her, but all Laura could do
was close her eyes and put her arms  around the girl as her
heart pounded.
Missy's tongue was soon casually exploring her mouth,
while her hands worked Laura's naked buttocks under her
sweater.  Laura felt paralyzed, trapped by the fantastic
sensations of this wonderful girl kissing her.
Her mind froze!  A Girl!  A girl was kissing her!
Fondling her!  She tried to protest, to break free of the
insidious effects of this deadly kiss, but her willpower
began to melt the instant she felt Missy slip a hand
around her front and work it between her legs.  The hand
on her vulva was like magic!  Laura tried one last
desperate attempt to break away, but when the fingers
entered her vagina she knew she was lost as the sweet
sensations coming from her cunt took control of her very
"Ah!" she gasped when Missy finally broke the kiss and
kneeled on the floor before her.  She could only stare up
at the ceiling and wonder what was happening to her as
she felt Missy raise the front of her sweater.
As Missy worked her mouth on Laura's cunt, the teacher
felt herself flying.  Higher and higher she went, until
she sensed she could surely touch the stars.
Laura dazedly noticed a commotion in the doorway.  Two
boys carrying a heavy spot light was trying to pass the
bulky object through the door.  She looked down and saw
that Missy was now across the room going behind a switch
board.  It was only then that Laura realized with horror
that the hem of her sweater was still high above her
hips.  Fighting to get back her composure, she just had
time to tug down the front of her sweater and turn around
before the boys stumbled into the room.
White light filled the room as the overhead fluorescents
came on.
"Miss P?  Is that you?" Laura heard a quivering voice say
behind her.
"Yes, yes," she said impatiently as she fought to get her
breath back.
"Just put the lights where they belong, okay fellas?"
She turned around and shakily smiled but the boys, Josh
and Scott, didn't move.
" haven't seen Missy have you?" Scott breathlessly
asked.  "Jane needs her to help with the stage resets and
Laura looked at Scott, and wondered if the boy was
asthmatic.  She then saw Missy creep silently from the
cover of the switchboard, slip behind the staring boys
and exit unnoticed out the door.  She had Laura's clothes
draped casually over her left shoulder.
"I have a feelings she'll be there shortly," Laura said
grimly.  The little bitch!  Leaving her like this!
"Come on, guys!" She said as she raised her arms in
exasperation.  "What's the problem?"
"N-nothing, Miss P!" they both sang as their eyes popped
open.  They quickly started to move the heavy equipment
to its storage shelf, but continued to stare at her.
Laura felt her pubic hairs move gently in the breeze
coming from the open door and, mortified, suddenly
dropped her arms.
"Oh my God!" she gasped, and ran from the room.
They had seen her!  She was sure that they had
seen her!  As she ran towards the stairs, her right hand
touched a bare buttock.
"Oh God, oh God!" she panted, as she ran across the empty
balcony and into the stairwell.
Inside, Laura stopped and leaned with her back tight
against the rough wall.  The feel of the cold plaster on
her buttocks confirmed what she feared.  When she had
pulled down her sweater in front, it had folded in back
and left the lower part of her buttocks still exposed.
That's what the boys first saw when they came into the
room.  Later, when she so unthinkingly raised her arms,
they saw something else.  They saw her!
"Oh God, oh God," she moaned.  "What am I going to do?"
End of Book I